New Tricaster Units – A Studio in a Box

When we look back at the history of movie or program-making, we see a grave expense spent on post-production — but not anymore. With the help of new technology, we have found new ways to cut down, or even fully get rid of, these huge costs.

The New Tricaster has been a huge assistance in this task. It has dramatically changed the way live events are captured and produced. Due to this, movie makers and producers alike find relief in the introduction of the Tricaster. Television stations, schools, offices, and production teams are all reaping the benefits of this quick and easy way to create quality broadcasts.

Dubbed as a ‘studio in a box’, the Tricaster units TCXD 855 and TCXD 455 can put together HD video from up to eight HD cameras, combine the video and audio signals, and show each camera’s view on a production display. It provides a preview of the program as well. Basically, one can do it all with Tricaster! This includes inlaying graphics and incorporating HD digital sets. These set a new standard for webcasting. With the merging of several technological industries beginning to take hold, Webcasting has also been gaining popularity. Whether in cable or free TV, whether streaming sports events, concerts, lectures, and many more, Tricaster makes the possibilities endless and easy. Moreover, as this trend seems to grow more rapidly, making use of such technology generates a greater advantage and edge in the field.

Another innovation is the Tricaster 450 Extreme. This renders versatile and manageable live production and streaming with live multimedia sets. Where Tricaster is a live production utility that offers the skills to switch 4 HD cameras and encompass real-time typing, audio mixing, live streaming and many more, the New Tricaster 450 Extreme has the capability of a live television truck in one simple, easy-to-use portable system.

The trick to success in web and broadcasting lies in how well you know and execute your Tricaster units. You can do so by having a close communication with your Tricaster leaser or provider, who can offer training in using your Tricaster models. With proper learning, exercise, and practice, you can be proficient as a Tricaster user. This way, you can effectively bond with your audience, enrich business ties, and enhance performance and earnings.