The Advantage of Using Interrotron

The use of Interrotron or Interritron System in shooting interviews is now a fast-spreading trend. This system is invented by documentarian Errol Morris. It is composed of two teleprompters which are usually separated. Each of these special prompters is capable of receiving a video image.

The Interrotron System works this way: in one prompter, the interviewer sees the face of the interviewee. In the other, the interviewee sees the face of his/her interviewer. This setup is more comfortable and beneficial for both, since it eliminates common problems or distractions on both parties.

First, this system creates a relaxed environment. The interviewee can look directly at the face of their interviewer, rather than a bundle of crew members and cold camera lenses. With easy and direct communication, a relaxed and warm mood is sure to arise. Moreover, this will help both parties stay focused and maintain good eye contact.

Second, since the interviewer sees their talent face-to-face, he or she can have a natural conversation with him/her. The interviewer can sense the talent’s movements, and instantly pick up on expressions and facial reactions. This is also true on the part of the interviewee. With Interrotron, the interviewee can see and discern the purpose of the interviewer and can answer questions directly and spot on.

The Interrotron System is well credited for its usefulness and much more because it improves the quality of footage and is proven to save a lot of time. As these benefits are becoming increasingly apparent, interrotron rentals are rising rapidly, especially by leading directors.

Even so, the Interrotron System is delicate, and professionals need to be the ones to set it up. They should be skilled operators and have proper training. The ones monitoring the system need to be efficient and appropriate. Overall, it is important that thorough research be made to ensure a successful Interrotron rental. Fortunately, more and more interrotron rentals are available, especially in LA and New York. More so, facilities that offer these rentals usually supply needed equipment and accessories.

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