Giving life and magic to your screen: The Green Screen

My first encounter with a green screen, many years ago was in a museum. It was weird at first. Why are people acting like mimes and pretending there are some objects in front of a bright neon green screen? This question was answered when the final product was shown to us. It was a magical moment, literally. Green screens are widely used for special effects, when two images or videos are layered and merged to form one single video or image. There is variety of fields in which it is used like in news casting, different types of broadcasts, movies, music videos; basically anything that has to do with manipulating videos and images.

One of the first questions that pop up is why use the color of neon green? Well, it’s not always neon green. There are other colors, like blue. It is essential that the screen behind the object – like a person – is uniform. Furthermore, it has to have a distinct color, like neon green or blue. These colors are also very far away from the different tones of human skin or the colors of the objects that will be filmed. This is essential for a smooth effect in combining the two layers of videos or images.

The technology of green screen works like this (it works the same way for live streaming or captured videos): The primary object of the video is filmed with a backdrop of screen that is distinct and uniform (usually a green screen).  This video is layered using a video editing software with another video or image. This software superimposes a selected background on top of the primary video that was shot in a “green screen”.  The selected background can be anything, a picture or another video. Special effects are created this way like transporting a person from the green screen stage to the moon or a clip of a city from above to create a flying effect.

This technology is not just for the Hollywood blockbusters, professional live broadcasters or museums for demonstrations though. It is in everyone’s reach. For a set amount of price – a price that will depend on the company you’re renting with and the types of equipment you’re renting – one can rent a green screen, other necessary equipment and the video editing software that will all put it together to create a beautiful masterpiece. A whole green screen studio!The average price in the market for a green screen studio rental is about $195 per hour. The best part about renting is that you are really taken care of: the green screen stage and set is there, there are people helping with the software (so no more need for personnel training) and the equipment that you’ll need is all provided for you. It is also possible to just have the green screen stage rental. It all really depends on what kind of rental package you want. If you have the budget and the intention to venture on the video world though, you might as well buy the package. There are video editing software s like Pinnacle Studio Ultimate which offers a free green screen when you buy the software.

The magic of the green screen is only a call or an email away.