A Speech Coach and a Teleprompter

Delivering an efficient and rocking speech is essential for every endeavor – whether it be for commercial purposes, presentations, scripts or lines. Most of the time, success in these fields depends on one’s speaking skills — and most of the time, not everyone’s skills are quite up to par. Luckily, this doesn’t have to mean failure in one’s career, because it is exactly for this reason that teleprompters were invented. These devices help professionals and amateurs alike in delivering a good speech.

Having said this, teleprompters aren’t substitutes for being a good speaker. The true essence is to deliver a good and moving speech. For those wishing to gain speaking skills or even master them, speech coaches are readily available. With the aid of these coaches and the right prompter, one can be a spot on presenter.
Here are some tips on how to speak well with the use of teleprompters:

First, you must know your motive. Would you want to be informative, persuasive or just entertaining? Knowing yourself and your purpose will give you a sense of direction in making and delivering your speech.
The second step is to write your input clearly on your prompter. Choose the right font size — one that will be comfortable for you. Remember to use correct punctuation; when your writing flows, your speaking will too. These are just two easy steps, yet they do so much to help improve your quality of speech.

Good communication with your crew is also important. You are the captain, so you must make sure that they are in sync with what you want. The third tip, though, is to practice, practice, and practice more. The more you practice speaking, the more naturally it comes, and the more genuine it sounds.

It’s also important to practice aloud. See how well you speak the words. Have an audience to listen and give feedback on your speeches. If needed, make necessary changes to improve your speech.

Fourth, learn to make gestures. Use facial expressions; move your hands and your body. This will make you and your audience comfortable and can make them compassionate toward you. Smiling and making good eye contact with your viewers goes a long way.

Finally, just enjoy the experience. Don’t panic when things get out of hand. A sense of humor will surely be useful here and there.

Delivering a great speech doesn’t have to be difficult. With the availability of speech coaches and appropriate teleprompters, you can surely slay your speech.

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The Advantage of Using Interrotron

The use of Interrotron or Interritron System in shooting interviews is now a fast-spreading trend. This system is invented by documentarian Errol Morris. It is composed of two teleprompters which are usually separated. Each of these special prompters is capable of receiving a video image.

The Interrotron System works this way: in one prompter, the interviewer sees the face of the interviewee. In the other, the interviewee sees the face of his/her interviewer. This setup is more comfortable and beneficial for both, since it eliminates common problems or distractions on both parties.

First, this system creates a relaxed environment. The interviewee can look directly at the face of their interviewer, rather than a bundle of crew members and cold camera lenses. With easy and direct communication, a relaxed and warm mood is sure to arise. Moreover, this will help both parties stay focused and maintain good eye contact.

Second, since the interviewer sees their talent face-to-face, he or she can have a natural conversation with him/her. The interviewer can sense the talent’s movements, and instantly pick up on expressions and facial reactions. This is also true on the part of the interviewee. With Interrotron, the interviewee can see and discern the purpose of the interviewer and can answer questions directly and spot on.

The Interrotron System is well credited for its usefulness and much more because it improves the quality of footage and is proven to save a lot of time. As these benefits are becoming increasingly apparent, interrotron rentals are rising rapidly, especially by leading directors.

Even so, the Interrotron System is delicate, and professionals need to be the ones to set it up. They should be skilled operators and have proper training. The ones monitoring the system need to be efficient and appropriate. Overall, it is important that thorough research be made to ensure a successful Interrotron rental. Fortunately, more and more interrotron rentals are available, especially in LA and New York. More so, facilities that offer these rentals usually supply needed equipment and accessories.

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Teleprompter Rentals

Anyone who has ever prepared the perfect speech only to fumble it all in front of their audience knows how nerve-wracking public speaking can be. But what many people don’t know is that public speaking doesn’t have to be so difficult. Teleprompters are the holy grail of public speaking, and though you may not recognize the name, chances are you’ve seen these babies at concerts, presidential speeches, or other venues many a time.

Teleprompters are pieces of equipment, with a screen not unlike that of a mini tv, off of which a speaker can read text while still appearing to look directly at the audience. Enormously helpful, teleprompters lift the duty of memorizing every word of a speech so that the speakers may focus not so much on what they’re saying, but rather how they say it. Nothing looks so awkward as a supposed professional continually breaking eye contact with his/her audience, focused so much on their words that they forget to convey the message with their movements or their voice.

However, like all truly good things, teleprompters don’t come in one-size-fits-all. It’s important for speakers to choose the teleprompter that’s right for them. If a public speaker chooses, say, teeny tiny 12-point font for the text on their prompter screen and makes a reading mistake whilst squinting at it, his performance is blown. Next thing you know his faux pas is hashtagged all over the twittersphere and his life is ruined and bla bla bla. Little did he know, there was a teleprompter with his name on it that could’ve made him a star.

If you or your boss are in the business of giving public speeches, it would most definitely behoove you to check out the various types of teleprompters that can help you be confident and comfortable in the spotlight. Choosing the right one is important, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult.

If the speech will be given directly to a camera, then a regular teleprompter or an Interrotron should do the trick.

If, however, the speech is in front of a crowd and you want to move around in order to engage different parts of the audience, then a presidential teleprompter is just what the doctor ordered. It is extremely mobile, with several different parts that enable you to turn left or right without losing sight of the speech in front of you. Goodbye, stiff-legged presenter! You’re now free to be as dynamic and fun as your message allows.

While using a presidential teleprompter, audience members who are within 15-20 feet may see a transparent portion of the apparatus, but those who are 40 feet and further really won’t see the teleprompter apparatus much, if at all. In short, most of your audience won’t even realize it’s there; they’ll just chalk it up to you and your incredible presentation skills. And if you don’t have those yet, or would just like to be better, teleprompter services do sometimes come with a teleprompter-aware speech coach.

There are tons of great speech coaches available everywhere, but not many of them know the variety of teleprompters or how to help their clients use them in the most proficient way.

If your speech or presentation is important, spend a bit more money and get yourself a speech coach who understands intimately the many ways in which a teleprompter can be used to enhance your presentation. Teleprompters can be your very best friends when you’re up on stage or in front of that camera – you just have to understand them first.

Now that you’ve got all this great information at your disposal, make your next presentation a memorable one. Use a teleprompter-aware speech coach and see the difference it makes in your performance.

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How Green Screen Studio Is Used In Cinema

by Trevor Weir

Green screen studio technology is something that started from the film industry. It is used to create special visual effects in movies and enhance the photography that is used in filming. It is also referred to as chroma key technology.

The method originally used blue as the background colour, now green is more commonly used. The two colours were chosen as they provide the best contrast to human skin tones. Green has proven to be better in outdoors filming so has become the standard format.

Television producers first used green screen studio for broadcasting weather reports. The presenter will stand in front of a blank a screen so the image of a map behind them can be changed during the report. The film industry saw the advantages of using such a method and decided to apply it to films.

Creating really good visual effects used to be quite a complex process and very time consuming. The previous method of creating similar effects was known as ‘travelling matte’. There were several pioneers in this field namely RKO Radio Pictures. With new technologies, both in the computing and the photography world has made the task a lot simpler and quicker to achieve better results. Computers now do most of the work.

A lot of what we see today in film is a result of the huge advances in our technology. This also includes the improvements in professional cameras like the canon 5d that captures high quality images. Starting off with excellent images reduces the time and work needed to enhance pictures in the post-production phase.

In most of filmmaking today a green screen studio is used to film the takes and then scenery is added on later. This has huge benefits, as the actors are not required to leave the studio to be filmed at a particular location. Two actors who are in one scene do not need to be acting out their part in one frame either so it gives the whole filming process a lot more flexibility.

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Tips For Teleprompter New York Rentals

If you live in the New York area, and need to rent a teleprompter, there are some things you should know before diving right into your project. The right professional teleprompter will ensure that your project gets completed with precision and quality, and is worthy of your intended audience.

Teleprompters can be used for video production nyc, by those who give speeches on a regular basis, and even as a teaching aid. They are vital pieces of equipment in that they allow the speaker to look directly at their audience and speak in a natural tone, all while reading the speech off of the screen.  This allows the speaker to look completely natural when connecting with their audience, instead of pausing constantly to read the next part of their speech.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using a teleprompter rental New York:

Prepare Your Scripts Ahead of Time: Oral and written English can be quite different, and it’s important that you deliver your speech as naturally as possible. Rehearse, edit and rehearse some more. Make sure that your speech flows well and makes sense. This will help you when it comes time to read off of the teleprompter.

Practice Makes Perfect: The more you practice, the better prepared you will be when it really counts. You won’t stumble over your words and you will appear more confident in front of your audience. People can always tell when speakers are nervous, and it may affect the message that you are trying to convey, as well as your reputation.  A teleprompter speech coach can help in this regard.

Changing the Odd Word is OK:  You don’t have to be a slave to your teleprompter, so you can change the odd word here and there if you feel comfortable. Be careful, however, not to change the wording too much or you will lose your place and have the teleprompter operator in a tizzy!

Get to Know Your Teleprompter Operator: For a stress-free experience, get to know the operator ahead of time and build a rapport. They will be controlling the speed at which the speech is read so let them know what pace is good for you.

Relax and Enjoy: Your teleprompter New York rental should be a fun experience, so don’t take it too seriously. Unless you’re renting a presidential teleprompter for the president himself, everything else can be taken with a side of fun!

Following these tips is a surefire way to make your teleprompter experience much less stressful, and much more productive.

Tricaster Products – Portable Virtual Television Studio

If you do not have much experience with webcasting then you may be unaware of Tricaster live sets. Tricasters are the best solution when looking to produce live video and have the same delivered to clients without the tedious process of post-production editing. Its your best bet when looking for the perfect tool for webcasting and portable live production.This device functions as a switcher, allowing video from multiple inputs at the same. Its at the forefront of technological breakthroughs when it comes to live virtual set production. However, since this is professional-standard top quality studio equipment, it is quite natural that its price would be very high. While the price of the Tricaster sets are certainly justified, the fact is that there are many people who cannot afford to purchase this equipment just so they can use it once or twice. In such a case, tricaster rentals definitely come in handy. Businesses that rent out the technology make it accessible even to ordinary people, as long as they have an event that they want to cover through webcasting. Thanks to the advanced switching features of the Tricaster live sets, it is possible to produce an end result that is at par with the end result of TV Networks. In other words, Tricaster is capable of providing professional standard results. Even so, people are so often hesitant to go for a Tricaster rental NYC because they feel that it would be a tedious task. Unfortunately, this generally leaves these individuals cooped up within the confines of the building or office where the event is organized. They may be too afraid to have the event held outside their office for the lack of the required device. However, thanks to Tricaster live sets it is possible to have one’s television studio with one wherever one goes. Because Tricasters are portable, a person can engage in webcasting at any location, easily allowing for spontaneity and creativity at all times. Tricaster is just like a portable TV studio, with the bonus of being so small that it can fit inside a backpack! Its small, portable size is like the cherry on top of an already delicious cake! Tricasters are amazing, but not every one is perfect for every situation; they each have qualities that are especially advantageous for certain situations, whereas in other situations such qualities may be unnecessary or even undesirable. Its best to pick the right Tricaster model for ones needs and requirements in order to get optimum results. If you live Americas Big Apple, New York City, then you are very lucky, because there are a vast number of Tricaster rentals there. Many of these rental companies also provide clients with the option of hiring an experienced Tricaster operator so as to ensure that they can get the best from their Tricaster rental NYC. Having an operator will be extremely helpful because it requires a tech savvy and knowledgeable person to navigate the umpteen buttons and functions on a Tricaster system. The Tricaster is basically a box jam-packed with useful features like animated titles, video editing, on-set virtual monitors, double VCR playback, dual-channel upstream effects and many more. Whether a person is struck with inspiration or an opportunity for filming presents itself out of the blue, the portable size of Tricasters allows video to be captured spontaneously; it can be carried around and ready for shooting anytime, anywhere. Thanks to Tricaster rentals, its possible to churn out professional and spectacular material without breaking the bank.