How Green Screen Studio Is Used In Cinema

by Trevor Weir

Green screen studio technology is something that started from the film industry. It is used to create special visual effects in movies and enhance the photography that is used in filming. It is also referred to as chroma key technology.

The method originally used blue as the background colour, now green is more commonly used. The two colours were chosen as they provide the best contrast to human skin tones. Green has proven to be better in outdoors filming so has become the standard format.

Television producers first used green screen studio for broadcasting weather reports. The presenter will stand in front of a blank a screen so the image of a map behind them can be changed during the report. The film industry saw the advantages of using such a method and decided to apply it to films.

Creating really good visual effects used to be quite a complex process and very time consuming. The previous method of creating similar effects was known as ‘travelling matte’. There were several pioneers in this field namely RKO Radio Pictures. With new technologies, both in the computing and the photography world has made the task a lot simpler and quicker to achieve better results. Computers now do most of the work.

A lot of what we see today in film is a result of the huge advances in our technology. This also includes the improvements in professional cameras like the canon 5d that captures high quality images. Starting off with excellent images reduces the time and work needed to enhance pictures in the post-production phase.

In most of filmmaking today a green screen studio is used to film the takes and then scenery is added on later. This has huge benefits, as the actors are not required to leave the studio to be filmed at a particular location. Two actors who are in one scene do not need to be acting out their part in one frame either so it gives the whole filming process a lot more flexibility.

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