Teleprompter Rentals – The Secret of Your Favorite Speakers

Ever wondered how newscasters and all those host of your favorite television shows manage to remember everything that they have to say? Many others have wondered too. It is one of the many mysteries while growing up and watching the telly. For those who have seen movies that show a parody of how it is done are lucky enough to get a glimpse of how it really is done. Maybe there is some truth in the idea that a person actually stands beside the camera with huge cardboard signs which has everything that is need to be said by the host. Since there is inadequate space in one cardboard to hold the necessary information, many cardboard’s are used in a show. Theoretically, that is. Others choose to just write down notes in index cards or have information printed on a clean sheet of paper. But then again, how about those who flawlessly talk in front of the camera without any paper?

In this case, the production team has what is called an autocue or a teleprompter. Many are not aware of the existence of this gadget; due to the fact that they stay hidden behind the camera and that they have a very specific purpose. Yes, this is the secret of your favorite speakers’ flawless hosting. They are used to show, or as the name of the contraption suggests, to cue or to prompt the hosts of the production on what is needed to be said. This way, the speaker talks of the message precisely how the producers of the show planned it to be. The speaker in the show does not need to memorize anything; they just have to rely on their teleprompter or autocue. They are indeed one of the most unappreciated gadgets in the production of shows.

Although the message to be conveyed by the speaker is spoon fed to them by the teleprompter or autocue, it does not mean that they can just read off the screen. It takes skill and practice to appear to be speaking freely in front of the camera when in fact it is reading from a teleprompter.The main aim of an autocue is to instil to the viewers the fluidity of the talk and the confidence of the speakers by guiding the speakers in their talk.

In special occasions where simple index cards cannot serve as reminders to hosts, where the seemingly active participation of the speaker or host is needed, an autocue or teleprompter can be rented. Many companies offer rentals of these gadgets, along with cameras and other gadgets for the production of a show, be it live or recorded.